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Database Services

Our Database Management service encompasses all setup, management, and maintenance activities for clients’ database servers, and includes OS and database application support. Certified Database Administrators (DBAs) improve performance through optimized database design, tuning, and troubleshooting services. Additionally, this service includes proactive monitoring, reporting, and support for environments on approved systems.

Our Database Management team can design and architect a solution based on your specific needs and on a variety of infrastructure including dedicated physical hardware or a Hosted Private Cloud at any of our global data centers or utilizing and integrating with AWS public cloud resources.

Managed SQL Databases

We support MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server databases running on cloud or dedicated infrastructure providing a comprehensive plan, build and run process.

Database Services

Database Management consists of the following services:

  • Storage architecture
  • Software installation, patch application, and upgrades
  • Database administration and maintenance
  • Capacity planning
  • Database security management
  • Clustered (High Availability) solutions with no single points of failure
  • Database replication
  • Auditing assistance
  • Managed End-to-End (E2E) onboarding and migrations
  • Data warehouse architecture and maintenance
  • Performance tuning
  • Data rescue service
  • Database restoration service
  • Cold backup, hot backup, and data export
  • Disaster recovery service
  • Database modification services
  • Connection management
  • Monitoring and event notification
  • Slow query detection and analysis
  • Index maintenance
  • Statistics gathering
  • Modification and configuration Services
  • Memory utilization recommendations

Storage Architecture

In order for databases to properly function, it is critical to plan and deploy databases on a proper storage underpinning. Ensuring proper disk storage implementation allows for the isolation of performance bottlenecks. DBAs are responsible for separating the OS from the database disk layer, separating the database from the backup disks and isolating I/O bottleneck areas to discrete disk diskstorage that can be tuned for the required workloads. These tasks are performed on SAN and local storage.

Software Installation & Configuration

Proper installation and configuration of essential software is critical for database functionality. DBAs install and configure the necessary software for a variety of databases.

Administration & Maintenance

To maintain optimal database performance throughout the lifetime of client solutions,  certified DBAs research, track, and/or apply vendor database software patches; assist with data migration from development to quality assurance, and from quality assurance to production; perform and monitor database backups; apply database changes at the client’s request; monitor and correct health issues; and employ reporting and analysis services.

Capacity Planning

DBAs apply their experience and training to help clients determine their potential storage needs. Administrators work collaboratively with clients to design and deploy database infrastructure that can be scaled up with new demands (as opposed to a rebuild), identify disk space shortages and recommend workarounds before they impact normal operations, and assist with determining when RAM or CPU upgrades will benefit overall DB workloads.

Security Management

Our advanced security and encryption services can help protect the integrity of client databases and comply with third-party security standards.

DB Clustering (Also Called High Availability)

DBAs are proficient in designing high availability solutions using a variety of clusters.


We provide customized vendor-supplied auditing features to assist client compliance objectives.

End-To-End Onboarding process

Migrating databases can be complex, time-consuming, and costly if not executed properly. Datapipe DBAs analyze, capture/recreate clients’ existing requirements (as a part of “go-live”), and facilitate clients’ in-house database(s) migrations to our facilities, migrations to hybrid connected platforms and vendor-to-vendor migrations (e.g. Oracle to Microsoft SQL-Server).

Backups & Export

Hot backup, a backup performed while the database is running, is included in this service. An export is a conversion of a database to a text file for maximum portability.

Restoration & Recovery

Our DBAs have the expertise to recover databases from crashed states or storage failures.

Data Rescue

If a user deletes important data, we can restore the database using the backup files to an earlier time on another server to recover that data. Clients require redundant database hardware to benefit from this service.

Modification & Configuration Services

Though clients are responsible for database content, we perform modification and configuration tasks in accordance with explicit client instructions.

Connectivity Management

DBAs manage connectivity between the client application and database(s) in order to ensure efficient and uninterrupted communication. Utilizing Oracle, MSSQL, DB2 and MySQL performance tools, administrators can identify database tasks that are not tuned for optimal performance. We assist clients in designing connection pooling strategies to maximize usability of their database infrastructure. This service can be provided as an initial design requirement or on an on-going basis.

Event Notification

If threshold warning levels exceed a critical parameter, an alert is sent to the monitoring system. Based on the specific alert, a ticket is created that notifies the Support Team as to when the client needs to be contacted. We collaborate with the client to resolve problems within an agreed upon timeframe.

Database Reporting

Databases are configured to generate reports that provide clients with real-time status updates for their databases and associated content.