After School Karate

After School Karate Program Cary MorrisvilleOur after school program focuses on establishing a fun, safe and positive atmosphere for students to enjoy. We offer child pick-up services from school, homework time, and snack. Each day will include a karate lesson and we encourage you to have a look at our Karate for Kids program to understand the philosophy behind our award-winning martial arts program for children.

Outline of our After School Program:

  • Student Pick Up
  • Snack
  • Homework time
  • Karate Class
  • Game time

Q: Which schools do you pick up from?

Northwoods Elementary School After School Karate Program Reedy Creek Elementary School After School Karate Program Weatherstone Elementary School After School Karate ProgramMorrisville Year-Round Elementary School After School Karate Program Cedar Fork Elementary School After School Karate Program

















As well as any schools within a ten mile radius of the karate school.


Q: If my child’s school is beyond the ten mile radius, can my child still attend?

A: Absolutely! As long as you have a way of dropping your child off at Championship Martial Arts, they can enjoy all the benefits of our Karate After-School Program.


Q: What time can I pick up my child from Championship Martial Arts?

A: You can pick up your child any time before 6pm. Parents who face difficulties arriving during pick up must contact instructor for further assistance.


Q: Will my child do karate in the After-School Program?

A: Yes! All students in our Karate After-School Program participate in a karate class.


Q: Will my child earn different belts?

A: Absolutely! Students in our Karate After-School Program are taught the same curriculum and participate in belt promotion ceremonies as the rest of our students. All students are given the opportunity to work towards earning a black belt.


Q: I’m not sure whether my child wants to do karate. What are my options?

A: We offer one week FREE intro classes for anyone who may be interested in karate training. Our intro classes are designed for students to learn various basic martial arts techniques. Parents are allowed to attend our intro sessions to see how we conduct our karate classes, receive further information and ultimately decide if our program our program is the perfect fit. To schedule an orientation, please contact us at (919)463-9833.